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Hi there! Welcome to Nom Goals. Thanks to you for reading, but also thanks to my main squeeze for encouraging me to actually start this blog. He encouraged me to start writing my thoughts, set me up with a domain, and heck, he even saved me from blog title anxiety by coming up with Nom Goals. Thankful to have found the person willing to give me just the push I need.
Since the title of  this blog is Nom Goals, I’ll kick things off by sharing some of my own nom goals.

  1. Perfect my biscuit-making game. I love biscuits so much. Their buttery, flaky goodness never disappoints…except when I make them. In my kitchen, they turn out too hard and flat (am I kneading the dough too much??) or some other questionable outcome. When that perfect homemade biscuit day comes, you’ll hear about it.
  2. Successfully make macarons. Few things would make me happier than to have a homemade stash of these light, flaky beauties. Particularly these from Sally’s Baking Addiction.
  3. Visit New Orleans and eat a beignet. Dough and powdered sugar – what’s not to love. Maybe I’ll even try making these homemade beignets from Dessert for Two.
  4. Make homemade pasta. 
  5. Experiment with other nut butters. Being in a nutrition program has opened my eyes to the fact that nut butters also come from things other than peanuts – almonds, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, hazelnuts (Nutella – yum). And the right spread can take the right vessel from ordinary to extraordinary. Better get sampling! I did try this cookie butter that my mom had over the holidays and that was seriously good.
  6. Make homemade French dip sandwiches. Something I love to get when I go out but have never made at home. Cooking beef besides ground beef intimidates me sometimes but I’m slowly stepping outside that comfort zone.

My vision for this blog is to share goals I have for myself, share my take on nutrition and food-related topics, and any other topic I can sprinkle in there. Thanks for reading – stay tuned!

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